Athlete Consulting


Is one thing to be a consultant and is another thing to be an athlete but when you are both the outcome is just better.  Villar's personal, educational, and professional background make him one of the few, if not the only one, in his industry to be able to understand the clients needs from a pro athlete, entrepreneur,  and philanthropic perspective.  

Villar knows first hand what it takes to be both a pro athlete and run a foundation.  He is currently going into his 11th year of playing professional basketball nationally and internationally and  over a decade of experience as a nonprofit/business consultant. He is also the owner of the New Jersey Pros, New Jersey's only independent professional basketball team, since 2009. 


The work ethic, passion, and level of professionalism he applies to his own life is the same he applies to each of his individual clients and projects.  When you work with Villar he is there every step of the way to see that your brand and foundation continues to have professional integrity whether you are currently playing or retired.   He is in the business of changing lives, building legacies, and establishing relationships.

Professional Athlete’s Foundations Formation

With the added attention some athletes face from fans and the media, it is important to structure and manage the professional athlete’s foundation appropriately. Villar provides peace of mind that your foundation is in good standing and fully compliant with state and federal laws.   He can help establish your new foundation or improve the one you already have.  

Branding & Marketing

Brand and market your image and foundation to maintain the professional image whether you are currently playing or not.  Villar  makes sure you and your foundation will remain relevant, active, and making contributions and impact on society.  

Basketball Careers

Villar offers  pro basketball players opportunities to continue their professional basketball careers by playing for his team the NJ-Pros. Furthermore, helps them obtain contracts around the world playing for different professional teams and basketball leagues around the world.  He has helped 50+ professional basketball players sign pro contracts while  playing for the NJ-Pros with teams in Africa, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Germany, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Puerto Rico, United States, Uruguay, and Venezuela.


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